Sunday, June 1, 2008

Setting June Goals

Since a number of the May goals will be moving forward to this month, it is clear that I haven't quite mastered the skill of setting achievable goals. In any case, I seem to be ignoring the Sewing Finish Goals in favor of the stitching goals. Therefore I shall try to make June the month of sewing finishes with just enough cross-stitching to keep things interesting. So, it may be time to scale down my expectations. On the other hand, I'll have two weeks vacation this month and the professional load of an educator/administrator always eases up over the summer months. The classes will end June 13 and the bulk of registration for September is in. Maybe, I can strike a balance here:
-- catch up on sewing finishes
-- finish Sue Hillis' Pair Tree - backstitching & outlining to do - probably about 4 hours more stitching
--frog back to error in April box of Raise the Roof's Crabby All Year and then complete April, May and June boxes
--resume work on Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Projects - finish stitcher's pocket
--resume work on Teresa Wentzler's Autumn Faerie
--resume work on M Design's Name Tree ornament for Sean and start Christina's
--stitch a bookmark to include in introduction card for next round of Secret Sister exchange
--turn mermaid blackwork piece into a reveal card for current round of Secret Sister exchange
--time permitting, begin work on Prairie Schooler card Santas
--learn to use Photobucket

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