Saturday, June 21, 2008

Prairie Grove Pinkeep

In need of a quick finish and the gratification of seeing my 2008 finish list grow a little more quickly, I stitched a little patriotic pin keep that I will assemble in time for the July round of Secret Sister exchanges. Last year I had so very many finishes but looking back I realize that I did an awful lot of smalls. This year I am concentrating on medium to large projects and the number of finishes is consequently much lower. In any case, I started the pinkeep yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. I also kitted up the Prairie Schooler Santas. When I get back from work I will switch out my frames putting the Santas on the medium doodler and the Mystic Hideaway project on the scroll frame. I'll take the completed Red Snowball Fight Dragon currently on the scroll frame to The Picture House and choose a frame. I'll also be picking up a few projects from the framer so that will be a pleasure. I will need to restitch my Prairie Schooler sewing Santa since I gave the framed Santa to Pam as a retirement gift. It was a bit of a wrench to part with it [especially since I had never even displayed it] but it was well worth it ... she broke into such a grin ... she really needed a little lift. This last week at the school has been dismal with everyone knowing there will never be another.

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