Monday, June 2, 2008

Sewing and other non-framing finishes

I made my little blackwork mermaid into a reveal card for my latest round in the Secret Sister exchange through 123-stitch ... I hope she enjoys it, she did say mermaids were among her favorite things. It was a very quick stitch ... just a little over two hours. I think I'll get a bookmark ready for the round that starts in July and I'll include it in the very first stage with the floss and card.

Otherwise, this morning was devoted to housework, laundry and finishing up a few Christmas ornaments ... working 11am to 8:30pm today so my morning can be devoted to personal concerns. I sewed backs onto four of my Christmas ornaments and stuffed them: the Sue Hillis Spool Tree, the Pine Glen Jacob's Ladder, the Glory Bee Noel Blackwork and the Knotted Tree Santa. Hope to close and trim them this evening . The fifth ornament in the pipeline for finishing, the Blackbird Designs Strawberry Emory, is a little too complex to work on in a assembly line fashion. I'll save that for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I can devote my full attention to all the fine details. Anyway, this morning's work is a good start on the June goal of working on sewing finishes. If I can continue to devote the mornings before heading into work to an hour or so of sewing finishes, I may actually catch up by the end of the month. Then it would just be a matter of staying abreast of the finishing. Well, one can dream!
Also on the agenda for today is some of the backstitching on Sue Hillis' Pair Tree. Once that is done, I'll bring it to the Picture House for a stand-up frame, either a triangular frame or a Christmas tree frame if there is one available in the appropriate size.

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