Friday, May 30, 2008

May Goals Assessment

It is time to assess my progress on May's goals. I have always had a problem with overestimating my ability to get things done but I am trying to get a handle on setting manageable and achievable goals. I am getting better at it but haven't quite mastered the skill.

--finish the Sue Hillis' Charmed Santa #3 [Noah's Ark] - a left over goal from April and currently more than 2/3rds complete. Okay, managed to achieve this one.
--start and complete Sue Hillis' Charmed Santa #4 [stitchery theme]. Finished 5/24/08.
--start Sue Hillis' Pair Tree. Started 5/25/08. Made considerable progress: the tree and pot are stitched as well as 22 of the stockings and/or mittens. That leaves just 3 more stockings and/or mittens to stitch as well as the backstitching and outlining and the charms to take care of. Probably another 6 hours of stitching.
--frog error from Crabby All Year April block and complete April & May blocks. This will be carried forward to June.
--complete the pocket from the Mystic stitcher's retreat - goal that has been hanging fire since November 2007. Another goal carried forward to June.--complete the M-Designs Name Tree for Sean - another goal that has been on the list for more than a little while Yet another goal carried forward to June.
--do some more sewing finishes: the LHN pillows, 5 Christmas ornaments, and stitch up the crochet needle case using the completed 2006 Hershey CATS samplers. Nada.
--blog every other day. Not quite, but getting closer.
--master Photobucket and send picture of Pine Glen ornament in to their online door prize competition. Obviously, not yet.

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