Monday, June 23, 2008

Prairie Schooler Santas

I am using a very long narrow scrap of 28ct linen loaded on my scroll frame ... enough to stitch three of the PS Santas. When I measured originally I thought the fabric was wide enough to have a full two inches beyond the design all the way around. Wrong!!! I'll only have one and one half inches on the sides. I accept that I have precious little spatial intelligence but I did pride myself on being somewhat better at basic math than this error would seem to suggest. Anyway, I believe my framer will mutter dark imprecations against me when I bring the Santas in to be fitted up with various dark narrow wooden frames, preferably with some carving details ... in keeping with the Old World Folk Art look of the Santa card series. I want to have all the frames fitted up with easel brackets so that I can use the pieces as table top decorations this Christmas. I have five of the Santa cards to stitch: the Knitter, the Quilter, the Sewer, the Cross-Stitcher [perhaps you detect a theme] and finally, just because I like it, the 1995 Santa which has a Winter Solstice sort of thing going on with a Sun, a Moon and all manner of stars and comets. I enjoy the color way of these particular little guys [DMC 221, 356, 501 and 844 predominate] and the folk art look of the entire series though I don't think I'll be buying any more charts from the series. In addition to these five Santas that I am beginning to stitch, I have already completed the four Sue Hillis Charmed Santas which I plan to finish as ravioli pillows. I also stitch the PS Special Edition Santa for my youngest sister every year ... so I expect I'll have had my fill of Good St. Nick before the summer is out.

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