Friday, June 13, 2008


Got a bit more stitching done on Crabby All Year this morning before work and for half of my lunch hour ... Almost all of the pearl grey 1040 form in the April block. It's sooo great to work on a piece that doesn't have a single Christmas color ... especially since I realize I will have to get started on Liam's stocking within a few weeks if I want to have it stitched, assembled, embellished and stuffed full of goodies for Christmas. I'll be using Teresa Wentzler's Woodland Angel ... so it will be a long and complex process. And then there are all the Name Tree ornaments to complete ... as well as Mary's annual Prairie Schooler Special Edition Santa. So within a month, it'll be back to Christmas colors and themes. And, of course, I want to stitch some of the small Prairie Schooler Santas from the small card series for myself ... the stitching Santa, the quilting Santa, the knitting Santa, and the World Peace Santa ... but they should all stitch up fairly quickly. Once I finish all my Christmas-y charts I'll start stitching Christmas gifts which won't necessarily have Christmas themes: tea towels, bookmarks to accompany B & N gift cards, tote bags, wall hangings, TW's Autumn Faerie for Angela ... and then there are all the Halloween charts I am just itching to stitch. That's the problem: I have too many charts that I genuinely want to get stitching on ... an embarassment of riches, a surfeit of pleasures, a plethora of choices ... and I want to do it ALL ... and I want to do it NOW. And I haven't even mentioned all the Quaker designs, the dragon charts, the country primitives, the antique sampler reproductions, the intriguing freebie collection, etc., etc., etc. Is it any wonder that I have resolved to limit my purchases to ten charts this year?

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