Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A stitching and a sewing finish this morning

I put the last star charm on the Sue Hillis Pair Tree at 7:23 this morning, thus ending a Sue Hillis marathon that started in January and included all four of the Santas in the Charmed Santa series to date as well as the Pair Tree. That gusty sound emanating from the banks of the Hudson River is me heaving a huge sigh of relief! While I thoroughly enjoyed these projects, I am ready to move on to another designer and another color way that doesn't have Christmas-y red, green and gold combinations. To finish out my morning stitching, I did the sewing finish on my Cat biscornu that I had stitched as a Halloween piece with black cats and Needle Necessities Autumn Leaves for all the borders ... in keeping with the Halloween theme, I used an olde brass pumpkin button from Homespun Elegance to "center" the little cushion. I am quite pleased with it. And it was a joy to work with autumnal colors. A good thing, too, as it has inspired and invigorated me for my next task ... frogging, frogging, frogging back to the point in my Crabby All Year, the April Block, where I stitched over 1 horizontal and 2 vertical threads, instead of over 2 horizontal and 2 vertical threads in my 40ct Silkweaver Mississippi Mud linen ... must remember to wear my magnifiers when working on that piece. My goal is to catch up to the calendar on Crabby by stitching the April, May and June blocks before June 30. I've either finally managed to figure out reasonable goals or I am really booking since I am making real progress toward my monthly goals this time around.

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