Monday, June 30, 2008

Assessing June Goals

As the religious education program year drew to a close in mid-June, I had more time to attend to personal goals: doing prep work on the stitching room prior to the contractor's arrival, cleaning out closets and declutterring the house in general ... and, surprise, surprise, more stitching. Having the last week of June off didn't hurt either. So let's see how I did:
--Sue Hillis' The Pair Tree. Finished June 10 thus ending the Sue Hillis marathon begun in January.

--Teresa Wentzler's Autumn Faerie. Afraid I didn't get to this one again this month but will make it a priority in July.
--the four Prairie Schooler Santa cards: Kitted up and started stitching June 21 and am about halfway through the 1995 Santa.

--The Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Projects. Another project that I didn't get to this time around ... deferred to July.

--Raise the Roof's Crabby All Year: Frogged back to my error and completed work on the April, May & June blocks. Somehow, these charts have just sucked me in. I am now working on the Jul-Aug-Sept row even though it wasn't part of June's goals By june 27th, finished the July & August boxes and have started September box.

--M Designs' Name Trees. Yet another project that will have to wait till July.

--Sewing Finishes: I feel really good about this one. During this month, I have sewn up four Christmas ornaments: The Knotted Tree Santa, The Glory Bee Blackwork Noel, The Sue Hillis Spool Tree, and the Pine Glen Jacob's Ladder. Then, I finished the Halloween Cat biscornu, complete with an Olde Brass Pumpkin button from Homespun Elegance. Also finished the Prairie Grove Peddler USA 1776 as a pinkeep.

--Photobucket usage. Well, not quite. But I did learn to post images from my own My Pictures files ... it is wonderful to have some pictures on the blog.

--Blogging at least every other day: This seems to be going well. Have blogged a total of 22 times during the month, exceeding my goal. It is becoming a habit, even a compulsion.


Shari said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!! I just updated with info on the floss tag for you!

tkdchick said...

Good luck with those goals!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems as if you accomplished quite a bit in June, even if a few goals weren't met. I think having a goal list keeps one focused a tad bit better.