Monday, June 16, 2008

Moving along at a good clip

Yesterday I finished the April block of Crabby All Year and stitched in the border for the May block. This morning, in my "before work" stitching time, I completed most of the rabbit [just the top of his head and his ears to go] in the above-mentioned May block. Although I probably won't get more than another 1/2 hour of stitching in today, I feel reasonably confident that the May block will be done by Wednesday and the June block by Saturday. I seem to be on a roll. And, rather uncharacteristically, I am also concentrating on one project at a time lately. Normally I prefer to keep four or five different projects in rotation at any given moment. However, recently, I have been compelled to finish a piece before picking up another. It all started with the Sue Hillis Santas and has developed into a trend ... or an obsessive compulsive disorder, depending on your point of view.
Well, except for a 1/2 hour during lunch time, the rest of the day shall be stitch-free: I have a number of reports to complete, a parent handbook to revise and a Catechist Dinner to prepare for. It'll be a long day, I'll get to work at 10:30am and finally crawl home around 10:00pm, after the catechist dinner ... still haven't written my thank you to retiring catechists speeches or come up with a clever little placecard novelty ... but then I always enjoy working to deadline.

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