Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Assessing December Goals, Setting January Goals

DECEMBER GOALS: This past month, in a final push to get a few more finishes done in the calendar year 2013, I worked on pieces that are close to completion.
BAPs: Piper's Stocking.  Although this is nowhere close to completion, having only been started in the last few days, I do want to work on it steadily.  It is my hope to have this stocking done in time for Christmas 2014 and to be well on my way to completing Rocco's stocking as well.  Wouldn't it be grand to have Rocco's stocking done by Christmas 2014, too!  Well, due to issues with my sewing machine and a consequent inability to zig-zag the edges of the fabric, I didn't start this piece yet.
Class Project: The Mystic Stitching Accessories.  The goal is to have all these projects not only stitched but sewn and assembled this month.   Not a bit of progress, sad to say.
Town Square SAL: Stitch Milady's Tea Shoppe.  Well, due to issues with my sewing machine and a consequent inability to zig-zag the edges of the fabric, I didn't start this piece yet.
WIP's: Continue work on The English Band Sampler.  This was my serious and exclusive focus during the month.  I finished Band 5 and started Band 6.  There is still Band 7 to consider.

JANUARY GOALS: This month, indeed, this whole year, I intend to carry on much as I did in 2013: catching up on old class projects and on WIPs with brief excursions into smalls and ornaments when I need the gratification of an actual finish.  If I manage to meet all the goals below, I'll try to meet one of my annual goals as well and stitch a few more heart ornaments for my Anniversary and Valentine's Day tree.
BAPs:  Start on Piper's Stocking.
Class Project: Finally finish up the Mystic Smalls.
Town Square SAL: Stitch Milady's Tea Shoppe.
WIP's: Finish The English Band Sampler.  Next one up will be Zucca, which was the only project left from the 2012 Crazy Challenge.  It was started and then abandoned because I had made a positively dreadful choice with the linen.  Everything looked okay at the floss toss stage but once the stitching started the lovely over dyed green linen morphed into an ugly jungle camouflage cloth.  Something in the orange floss brought out the worst in the fabric.  I believe this design will look much better on an ivory or a raw linen and I will be starting it over on just such a fabric.  The fabric I had originally chosen was a 40 ct linen and my stash of neutral colored linens come in 28 ct, 32 ct and 36 ct.  Consequently, the finished piece will be somewhat larger than I had planned.  But better a somewhat larger finish than desired than a hideous juxtaposition of floss and fabric.


mainelystitching said...

Best wishes with your stitching goals - and the New Year!!

Julie said...

Best Wishes with your plans for this year.
I hope 2014 is a very happy one for you, best wishes.