Friday, January 31, 2014

Assessing January Goals, Setting February Goals

JANUARY GOALS: This month, I have stitched exclusively on my current BAP WIP, The English Band Sampler. 
BAPs:  Start on Piper's Stocking.   Not yet.
Class Project: Finally finish up the Mystic SmallsDidn't even get close to this one.
Town Square SAL: Stitch Milady's Tea Shoppe.   Kitted up and ready to go but not started.
WIP's: Finish The English Band Sampler.   I am nearly finished with Band 6, or at least that what I am telling myself. 
WISHFUL THINKING: stitch a few more heart ornaments for my Anniversary and Valentine's Day tree.  It's called wishful thinking for a reason.
OFF GOAL: some sewing finishes:  This is getting quite laughable.

FEBRUARY GOALS: I find that I am stitching a little less and reading a little more, especially at night.  My eyes are aging along with the rest of me and I doubt there are any more late night stitching marathons in my future.  Stitching after 9:00 pm only seems to result in frogging at 6:00 am the following morning.  So, if there seems to be an annoying sameness to my goals list month after month, chalk it up to the fact that I am slowing down.  Though I suspect February will be the same as January with an exclusive focus on the Band Sampler, I am really hoping to get a little variety going again.   Should I cling to the ope that I will finish the sampler and have time to attend to the additional goals ... or should I just admit I will continue my obsessive and probably futile efforts to finish up the sampler without ever getting anything else done?
BAPs:  Start work on Piper's Stocking.
Class Project: Finish the Mystic Smalls.
Town Square SAL: Start Milady's Tea Shoppe.
WIP's: Finish Band 6 and start on Band 7 of The English Band Sampler.
WISHFUL THINKING: stitch a few more heart ornaments for my Anniversary and Valentine's Day tree.  And maybe a few sewing finishes.

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love your band sampler and you are making progress, albeit slow progress!
I like to have one BAP for the evenings and a smaller nice for the daytime. That way I get the best of both worlds!