Monday, January 13, 2014

Band 6 Continues

When last seen,  Band 6 was still a bit sketchy.  Half of the leaves and branches needed stitching in DMC 3011

Currently the broad outline is complete, but the interior spaces need to be filled in.  I am currently working on the dark coral flower outlines.  There is still quite a bit of cross-stitching left to do in the main colors of 3011, 311 and 349.

Have I mentioned that this is a very densely stitched band?  When complete, I think this band will be even more stunning than Band 5.  Of course, the meticulous counting that keeps this band symmetrical can be a wee bit fussy.  I have had to frog out two mistakes in the lower left where the branch and leaves were slightly off kilter and another little area by the top right navy blue block where one cross stitch over three threads messed things up a bit.  Usually frogging irks me terribly but it doesn't seem to bother me with this project.  I guess I am just taking such pleasure in seeing the patterns grow beneath my fingertips that it overrides the irritation of taking three steps forward and one step back every so often.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Looking good!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Regina. It sure is a beautiful design.


Maggee said...

I am liking this's quite wonderful! Hugs!

Julie said...

This gets prettier each time I see it.