Saturday, January 25, 2014

And the Satin Stitching Continues

I do like the way this band is evolving.  More like tapestry than your average sampler.  I have noted the resemblance to a Persian rug several times.  But it is so apt a comparison that it bears repeating.  I am almost done with the satin stitching in DMC 353.  I should be able to add another color on Sunday.  I'll be working half a day today.  But once home, all I'll need to do is heat up some leftover chicken cacciatore for dinner and stitch to my heart's content.


llknbillburg said...

Beautiful, as always! I am still plugging away on the Scarlet Letter I am working on but my fingers are itching to get back to this! Laura

Julie said...

This band is looking more beautiful as it grows, I love it.

Maggee said...

I am getting excited to see the next color of satin stitching! Hugs!