Thursday, January 30, 2014

Band 6 Progress for the Month

This Band was started on January 1 and I have worked on it exclusively throughout the month.  I am no closer to finishing it since it was last seen in Tuesday's photo.  I suspect that will not happen till sometime in the second or third week of February.  Alas, it's just going to take as long as it takes.  Rushing satin stitches can make an unholy mess so it's better I just keep plugging away at a snail's pace.

As you can see, I still have some work left to do:
the satin stitches in the outer petals in DMC 352
the satin stitches in the blue squares and the olive green diagonals, DMC 3770
the satin stitches in the remaining crosses within the octagonal medallions, DMC  791
the Algerian Eyelets in DMC 3770
The straight stitches in DMC  3011
The bottom border in DMC 311

When I consider that I once deluded myself that this could have been my last finish of 2013, I just shake my head.  My cyber-friend Dani has called this the never-ending band and she nailed it.  And I suspect Band 7 will be very much the same.  Then, of course, I still have to go back to Band 2 and fill in the signature.  At the time, I couldn't decide whether I wanted my full name or just my initials and a date.  On the one hand, I am determined to keep working on this piece till I can claim victory ... even if that victory comes in June!  On the other hand, I am seriously considering dropping Band 7 altogether and declaring this piece done, done, done once I finish the signature.

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