Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Interminable Cross Stitch Outline Marathon

And the Interminable Cross Stitch Outline Marathon continues.  It just goes on and on and on.  I  am beginning to wonder how it all fits into this confined space.  There is still so much left to do: I am still working on the dark coral.  It seems every time I look at the chart, I see yet another spot that calls for DMC 350.  And then I have to stitch the navy blue and some more olive green.  I had some hope of completing both Band 6 and 7 this month.  I no longer cherish any such naive hope.  Indeed, I begin to think I shall be lucky to complete Band 6 by the end of the month.  It is beautiful, it is a joy to stitch, but, oh, is it ever so dense!  So, my hopes of a first finish for the year in the first month of the year are dimming rapidly.

On a happier note:  I just got an e-mail stating that my sewing machine is ready to be picked up from the repair shop.  My husband will pick it up today between his stint as a volunteer archivist at the county historical society and the meeting of the local Civil War Round Table.  This means, tomorrow morning,  I can zig-zag the edges of the linen for the rest of my monthly goal projects.  So, followers of my blog may be seeing a bit of variety over the next few days.  Maybe a start on Piper's Christmas stocking and a start on Milady's Tea Shoppe from the Town Square SAL.  And, if I am really feeling wild and crazy, perhaps a sewing finish or two over the weekend.  I am beginning to feel the urge to implement rotation stitching again.  


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It is looking beautiful and worth all the effort.

It's funny how we veer from OAAT to rotation stitching and back again. I'm happiest with just one project really.

Maggee said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!I am going to finish a biggish piece tonight, then go stash-diving! Yay!