Thursday, January 16, 2014

Feeding My Inner Will'O'the'Wisp

I have decided to take a short break from The English Band Sampler ... but don't worry, it'll be back in the rotation over the weekend.

I spent a good part of the morning prepping a few new projects: Piper's stocking, Milady's Tea Shoppe, and a few small neutral linen cuts for some heart ornaments.  I wasn't sure how much variety I would be wanting over the next few days, so I just went ahead and prepped all the remaining projects on my January goals list.  I have even pulled out the Mystic Smalls and put it in the stitching bag. Though truth be told, the first thing I am going to have to do on the scissor case is frog and then re-stitch.  At any rate, I'll have all the projects on the January goals list ready to hand in my stitching bag.  No matter what my mood, no matter where I go, I will be prepared to stitch ... something.

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Julie said...

Enjoy the variety of projects that you have kitted up to do.