Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Simply Satin Stitching - Sorry No Photo

Judging by recent progress, I expect the satin stitching to take nearly as long as the cross stitching on this band.  At this point, all I have managed is about one third of the satin stitching in just one color, DMC 353.  There are five other colors left to satin stitch.  And then there are the Algerian Eyes and a few stray straight stitches left to do.  And , of course, there is still the narrow band/border to stitch in DMC 311 at the very bottom of this band.  I am reluctantly resigning myself to the fact that I may not finish this band this month.  Even if I abandon my plan to start the two other major goal projects for the month, Piper's stocking and Milady's Tea Shoppe, I am not sure I'd have enough time to finish the band.

I do apologize for not posting in a while but I have been having problems accessing all the design functions of my blog with my home computer.  Since the home computer is where I have all my photo albums, I have been unable to load photos of my stitching or even write new posts.  I am going to have to see about setting up a photo album here at work and e-mailing photos from home and posting to the blog from this computer.  At least, that's the plan until I resolve the problems at home.  If I manage it today, I will make a rare double post with just a photo just before bedtime.


Maggee said...

I am sure you will make up for the lack of progress later on! That is a HUGE band!

Julie said...

Hope you can fix your home computer problems, I always have to ask hubby, I am not techno at all!