Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ah! A day off again

I am so looking forward to next year ... when my days off will become Friday and Sunday instead of Thursday, half a day Saturday and half a day Sunday ... working for the Catholic Church wreaks havoc with sensible scheduling. The general effect of my current schedule is that I feel like I only have one real day off a week and I am fairly beserk by the time it rolls around each week. The other built in advantage of next year's Friday/Sunday schedule is that anytime we have a Monday holiday, I'll have a mini-vacation of four full days since we don't schedule classes on the Saturdays within holiday weekends. Oh, happy days.
As for today, I am looking forward to getting as much stitching as possible done on my last Sue Hillis' Santa - the end is actually in sight with just the stitchery basket's contents, the button in the upper left corner and Santa's head to stitch, the upper third of the design to backstitch/outline and the pine boughs in the upper corners to long stitch. Then it will be on to the Crabby All Year project during the holiday weekend ... if I can catch myself up to May by frogging back to my mistake in the April box and then stitching the April & May boxes, I shall be a happy camper. Of course, there is housework, yardwork and shopping to fit into the weekend as well ... so, we shall see what we shall see.
In any case, at least one of my May goals is coming closer to fruition ... I am blogging more frequently ... not yet up to the every other day or inserting pictures standard ... but maybe I can tackle Photobucket arcane processes and learn how to navigate that area this weekend as well. One can hope, at least.

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