Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Goals

Didn't quite manage to meet April's goals ... a 10 day bout of acute bronchitis and the attendant meds [serious codeine] made it inadvisable to do much stitching ... unless, of course, I wanted to spend all of May frogging. All I managed was to finish Sue Hillis' Charmed Santas #1 [with Gingerbread Men] and #2 [with birdhouses] and get a good 2/3rds of #3 [with Noah's Ark] done as well as the Pine Glen online show doorprize ornament [stitched but not "finished"].

In keeping with my 2008 Goal to set manageable monthly goals, I resolve to
--finish the Sue Hillis' Charmed Santa #3 [Noah's Ark] - a left over goal from April and currently more than 2/3rds complete
--start and complete Sue Hillis' Charmed Santa #4 [stitchery theme]
--start Sue Hillis' Pair Tree
--frog error from Crabby All Year April block and complete April & May blocks
--complete the pocket from the Mystic stitcher's retreat - goal that has been hanging fire since November 2007
--complete the M-Designs Name Tree for Sean - another goal that has been on the list for more than a little while
--do some more sewing finishes: the LHN pillows, 5 Christmas ornaments, and stitch up the crochet needle case using the completed 2006 Hershey CATS samplers.
--master Photobucket and send picture of Pine Glen ornament in to their online door prize competition

I am hoping this will be more doable. Two of the projects [Santa with Noah's Ark and the Mystic Pocket] are very near completion. The Name Tree ornament is about 1/5 of the way done but it is very fussy work and rather slow going. Simply starting the SH Pair Tree is a pretty open-ended goal ... no pressure to get a lot done. The Crabby All Year piece is amusing, at least it will be again once I have frogged back to the point that I stitched over one thread instead of two, throwing my count all to hell. As to the sewing finishes, if I can just manage to devote one of my Thursdays off entirely to sewing, I should be able to make a very large dent in those projects ... two Thursdays devoted entirely to sewing should complete them ... well, we shall see.

Received Quaker Turtles from the SilverNeedle yesterday ... they are very tempting but I am going to set them aside until I work through the charts in my CURRENT ROTATION binder.

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