Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plugging along

Again, the pressures of work have kept me from accomplishing a great deal in the way of stitchery but I have managed to finish the "sampler" within the Sue Hillis 4th Annual Charmed Santa this morning before heading out to work. I also plan to get my Secret Sister exchange in the mail today having selected a Miribilia Mermaid chart, an appropriate Silkweaver linen and a few other goodies for the exchange. I am enjoying the Secret Sister Exchange ... I have received some very nice materials and am satisfied that I am sending quality materials to those assigned to me. It's a win-win situation so far as I am concerned.
I am a bit concerned that I will not manage to meet my May goals since the month is nearly halfway through and I haven't even finished the first item on the list. I really thought I had managed to set some reasonable goals this month. However, I still seem to be overestimating the amount of time I can spend on stitching.

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