Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Sue Hillis Finish

What with First Communion rehearsals added to the regular office hours and class sessions, I haven't done nearly as much stitching as I usually do ... I have been averaging only about 1/2 hour a day this week ... until today, my first day off in 15 days!!! I finished the third Santa in Sue Hillis' charmed series this morning and began the fourth ... and so far as I am concerned, the last, for a very long time ... These Santas are very attractive and not the least bit difficult but I am definitely ready to move on to a different designer, a different level of complexity and a different color way. Though I will very much enjoy making these into flange pillows, I am becoming a little impatient with the sameness. On the other hand, there is a certain satisfaction in progressing through a fairly big "project". Once this Santa is done, I will pick up my TW Autumn Faerie again and put it into a rotation with Crabby All Year and the Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway projects from last fall. I do have the Sue Hillis Pair Tree chart close to the top of my "to do" pile ... since I want to make that into a pillow as well, I'll probably add it to the mix fairly soon. I figure, at least it's not another Santa. But speaking of Santas, I did prep and grid the fabric for three of the Prairie Schooler Santa cards. I don't know how soon I'll get to them. They have an entirely different look than the SH Santas but a very similar color way ... lots of DMC 355 and 356.
I also did a bit or ordering this morning from Nordic Needle: a gentle cleanser for antique needlework, some more Piecemaker Tapestry 28 Needles [I truly love these], some John James Petites #28 [great for beading] and the NN Perfect Needle set [just to try], some more huck towels to use in making Christmas gifts and three DMC flosses on which I am running quite low as a result of the above-mentioned Sue Hillis Santas.
I should make a token effort to get some laundry done but after that I am going to try to get the sewing finishes done on a few ornaments I have on hand.
All in all: a very stitch-y day.

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