Thursday, May 15, 2008

Frazzled and frustrated

Today, my one day off this week, has been devoted to laundry and stitching. I have continued my work on the Sue Hillis 4th Annual Charmed Santa, completing the stitchery frame, the two darkest shades in Santa's pajama bottoms and some of the inner border. My goal for the rest of the day is to finish both borders and the pajama bottoms. But since I still need to shop and vacuum, we'll have to see just how far I get. I had thought my May goals were reasonable but the pressures at work are mounting ... the sacraments are done but I have registration for next year, end term exams and progress reports, and staff recruitment to deal with this month ... not to mention two diocesan meetings and one regional meeting and the usual diocesan paperwork to deal with. Then there is the last catechist meeting of the year and the end of year catechist dinner and the diocesan Communion breakfast and the regional luncheon. All very time consuming. The summer months will be spent reorganizing the building as a catechetical center now that the school is closing its doors. Then there is what I shall call the Monsignor Factor. Things are getting so bad that the remaining staff fantasizes about quitting en masse and at the very same moment ... just to see how the Monsignor will deal with the workload all by himself. One wonders if he would make the same unreasonable demands on his own time as he does on ours, whether he would insist that he himself accomodate bullying parishioners as we are expected to do, and would his defintion of his own job description vary from minute to minute with each passing whim but always result in putting himself in the wrong as is the cases with our rather fluid job descriptions.
Ah, well, at least stitching relaxes and soothes the frazzled psyche ... I simply wish I had more time to devote to it ... Lord knows, I need it.

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