Monday, May 19, 2008

Finding my stride again

I feel like I have regained my equilibrium ... at least as far as stitching is concerned. I made very satisfactory progress on the Sue Hillis' 4th Annual Charmed Santa this past weekend. All the spools, the pin cushion, the background half stitches, the cat and the stitching stand are cross stitched. In addition, I have backstitched/outlined all the cross-stitched areas that are complete. And I have made a good start on the border. My plan today is to finish the bottom and side borders and the little ball of wool in the lower right hand corner. Then all that needs to be done will be Santa's hands and head, the basket filled with stitching stuff and the top border. So I figure I am 3/5ths of the way done with this chart ... not bad when you consider that I only started it May 9th and have been very busy with work these past ten days. As to my other May goals, we shall see! If I spend a good bit of my Memorial Day holiday relaxing with my stitching, it may just all come together. I do have some housework and gardening to catch up on but there should be time enough for stitching as well.
On the professional front, all the sacraments are done for the year. I have sketched out a working model of my calendar for next year's program, I have begun registration for the coming school year [spent 5 1/2 hours taking walk-in registrations this past Saturday]. Tonight the 7th graders will take their 4th quarter exams and I should have all 75 of them graded by Wednesday. Tuesday night I have my last catechist meeting of the year and pretty much have everything ready for that as well - the bonus there being that the Msgr. over-ordered refreshments for this Sunday's reception and I get the leftovers for my meeting. I do have some regional and diocesan tasks to finish up but there's always next week. Pacing is everything. I'll be busy every minute but at least I no longer feel like I am running a losing race. Indeed, I can actually find and read my desk blotter calendar these days ... just a few days ago I would have needed a major excavation just to uncover it.
On the homefront, I'll need to get my car inspected tomorrow morning and I still have the two front rooms to organize [in other words, clean up all the husbandly pack-rat's debris] before I can bring contractors in to give me estimates as well as catching up on ordinary tasks like laundry, vacuuming, refrigerator & oven cleaning, polishing and dusting ... all of which have been neglected during the past few weeks madness. Then there is the yard & garden work. Oh well, maybe I am not as caught up as I thought but still, I no longer feel like it is all hopeless. Things are getting done and visible progress is being made.
It is nice to see some progress at last ... at work, at home and with stitching.

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