Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Time to relax, to kick back and do a moderate amount of catching up with housework. But best of all, time to stitch.

Finished the last of my Sue Hillis' Santas the yesterday and started on the Sue Hillis Pair Tree this morning. What with stitching on and off throughout the day, I have the "tree", the pot, three stockings and one mitten done. What with all the fussy color changes, I estimate that each stocking and each mitten will take nearly an hour to stitch. By my calculations, that's another 22 hours of stitching before completing this chart. When I got bored with stitching on this piece, I turned to a small blackwork mermaid that I will use to make some sort of token [fob, needlebook, pin] to enclose in my "reveal" package to my secret sister. The mermaid is done ... now all I have to decide is which "finish" I wish to use.

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