Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Secret Sisters are phenomenal

Yes they are. Mine just sent me three great charts: Workbasket's Quaker Cow/Sheep, Prairie Schooler's A Farmer's Almanac & Blackbird Designs America the Beautiful, a lovely scarlet handled embroidery scissor with a fob some wonderful WDW threads [regular and perle cottons], two little wooden hoops [great for Christmas ornament finishes], some note cards, a memo pad and a reveal card with two skeins of Dragon's Blood silk. I will finally get my own package to my own secret sister in this exchange in the mail today. .. I have been carrying it around for a week but I keep adding stuff to it ... I think it is finally ready to go.
I will probably send my reveal card to Sharon next week since I made up a small blackwork mermaid [one of her favorite subjects] suitable for including in a card ... all I have to do is mount it on a relatively stiff backing bvefore inserting it in the card.
I have also been working away at the SH Pair Tree: the count is now up to 7 stockings/mittens stitched and 19 to go. What with the backstitching/outlining and the remaining cross-stitching I figure I have roughly 25 hours of stitching left to do on this piece. Then, I'll take a break from Sue Hillis for a while though I do have her First Steps to do for Liam in time for his birthday or whenever he actually does take his first steps, whichever comes first.

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