Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nearly done SH Noah's Ark Santa

In spite of a brutal work schedule this week ... only one day off and four late nights ... I have managed to finish stitching the Santa, the top border and half the stitching on the top corner motifs. All I need to finish is the backstitching/outlining of the Santa from the ark up, the corner motifs and the tiny dove with the olive branch. I should be able to finish that when I get home from work tonight. Then, on Monday, I will start work on the last of the Sue Hillis "Charmed" Santas ... the one with the stitcher's stand. It'll be another brutal work week what with First Communion rehearsals, registration mailings and assorted other chores but I hope to get a good start on it. These Sue Hillis Santas are taking me on average a steady two weeks of stitching each. But I'd like to catch up on my Crabby All Year Long SAL as well this month. So, I'll try to put in a little extra time stitching in the mornings before work.

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