Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mid-Year Assessment of Annual Goals

Every year at this time I take a look at what I had planned to accomplish over the course of the year and see how far along I am.

2014 Stitching Goals
  • 01. My Own Crazy Challenge: work on unfinished class pieces from 2005-date.   No progress since I have decided to revive my joy in my stitching by just choosing only one UFO or one CC piece to add to the rotation and choose new pieces for the rest.
  • 02. Complete two BAPs:  Finish The Woodland Maiden Stocking for Piper and start on a similar stocking for Rocco.  I have been concentrating on The English Band Sampler at the moment [see above] so except for a few hours in January, Piper's stocking has been ignored and Rocco's not even thought of.
  • 03. Continue to work on paring down the list of UFO/WIPs going into 2014.  Well, I have been working on The English Band Sampler.
  • 04. Stitch a few more Heart ornaments for the Anniversary-Valentine's Day tree.  This has been on the goals list for three years already.  Maybe this will be the year I actually manage it.  I stitched two more hearts earlier this year.
  • 05. Stitch one ornament a month from the 2006 Indy Town Square SAL.  I have stitched an ornament a month for Januaty-May, am nearly done with the June ornament and have the July kitted up and ready to go.
  • 06. Limit stash purchases to fabric, fiber and tools needed to complete charts on hand.  So far so good.  I have pre-paid for my annual birthday treat, the  Stitcher's Hideaway in Mystic, in October.  And I have placed a pre-order for all the materials needed for the SANQ doll.
  • 07. Continue to blog regularly, aiming for every other day.  I am averaging 15 posts a month.
  • 08. Make an effort to catch up on sewing and framing finishes.  Have two or three pieces professionally framed.  No progress.
  • 09. Inventory and declutter existing stash.  No progress.
  • 10. Change EGA membership to cyber-stitcher.  No progress.

So,  five out of ten goals mey at the mid point of the year.  Not as good as the numbers would suggest since the goals met all need to continue to be met.  And the goals unmet are single tasks rather than continuing ones.

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Linda said...

You have accomplished quite a bit this year Regina.