Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Errors Of My Ways

It's never a good idea to send a non-stitcher on an emergency run for some much needed floss.  But it was such a temptation to ask my husband to do so yesterday since he was within striking distance of both AC Moore and Michael's while working at the historical society.  Predictably, he came home with DMC 3022 instead of 3023, since non-stitchers never check the label on the floss, just the label on the tray ... and with #5 perle 712 instead of normal cotton floss, even though he could see it was not the same stuff, but, hey, it was in the 712 tray.

So, I decided I didn't care that the roof was supposed to be three shades of grey and filled in the empty spaces with 3022 instead of the charted 3023.  And, then, because I didn't have the patience for confetti stitching, I did some back-stitching instead.  There's still another hour or twos worth of stitching on this ornament but the end is in sight.


Julie said...

Oh dear.... that's happened to me before when I asked my daughter to pick a thread up for me.

Linda said...

Sure will be pretty when your done Regina. We would never know the difference in the floss color if you hadn't told us.


Vickie said...

tee hee! I will keep that in mind for the future. ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh dear! I used to phone my LNS and ask them to put the correct items in a bag for my hubby to collect. That was when I had an LNS!

You really cannot tell you have used a different colour.