Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Assessing July Goals, Setting August Goals

JULY GOALS: I worked until July 24 and then began my summer recess which will last till August 25.   Most of the recess will be a stay-cation, with plenty of time for DIY projects and stitching and gardening.   With most of the last week in July graced with extra stitching time, I did manage to meet most of my goals.  Only the sewing and finishing fell short.

 Current BAP:  I am going to ignore this category again this month ... at least until I get through with the band sampler.  Ignoring away.   Hard to fail to meet this goal.
UFO/Class Project:  Continue work on The English Band Sampler.   Finished Band 6 and started Band 7.
Town Square SAL:  Finish Cafe du Monde.   Stitch the The Silversmith.  Started 7/26 and finished 7/30.
New Start:   Start Dragon Dreams' Dragon of the Winter Moon.   Started 7/7.  I am well on my way to a finish.  This has been one of those addictive stitches: the sort that you don't want to put down to do mundane things like eat or sleep.
Sewing Finishes: Try to get three or four projects completed.  One ornament sewn up and one tote half done.

AUGUST GOALS: Even though I am on summer recess and have more leisure time, I want to keep my goals list modest to allow more time for enjoying the outdoors and for working on the house and garden.
Current BAP:  Ease back into stitching Piper's stocking.
UFO/Class Project:  Finish work on The English Band Sampler
Town Square SAL:  Stitch The Sweet Shop.
New Start:   Continue work on Dragon Dreams' Dragon of the Winter Moon.  If possible, start work on The Dragon of the Summer Sky.
Sewing Finishes: Try to get another three or four projects completed.

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Maggee said...

Enjoy the staycation... do lots of stitching! Maybe even some finishing... Hugs!