Monday, June 30, 2014

Assessing June Goals and Setting July Goals

JUNE GOALS: I expected June to be relatively placid but it turned out a little differently.  Still plenty of activity at work, including more late nights than expected.  More work in the garden and consequently less stitching time.  
Current BAP:  I am going to ignore this category this month ... it just hasn't been happening for me these past few months, anyway.  Ignoring away, as planned.
UFO/Class Project:  Continue to slog along on The English Band Sampler, a little bit at a time ... which seems to be the only way I can tolerate it now.  I started it two years ago with such enthusiasm but it has simply gone on too, too long.  Resumed stitching this piece  6/14/14 and have managed to finish 45 more of the eyeleys and a comparable number of satin stitches on Band 6.
Town Square SAL: Stitch the Cafe du Monde.  Started 6/9/14; I am a little more than 2/3rds finished with this Town Square chart.  This one is going more slowly because there are frequent color changes to make up the subtle shading changes in roof, walls and windows.
New Start:  Finish Dragon Dream's The Dragon Tea Party [Finished 6/8/14] and start Dragon Dreams'  Here Be Dragons.   This pamphlet has two charts and I hope to complete both this month.  [Started Compass Rose Dragon 6/12/14 and finished 6/14/14.  Started Here Be Dragons on 6/16 and finished it on 6/28/14. ]  
Sewing Finishes: Try to get three or four projects completed.  Didn't get to this yet.

JULY GOALS: Things are settling down a bit but I want to keep my goals list modest to allow more time for enjoying the outdoors and for working on the house and garden.
Current BAP:  I am going to ignore this category again this month ... at least until I get through with the band sampler.
UFO/Class Project:  Continue work on The English Band Sampler
Town Square SAL:  Finish Cafe du Monde.   Stitch the The Silversmith.
New Start:   Start Dragon Dreams' Dragon of the Winter Moon.
Sewing Finishes: Try to get three or four projects completed.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Sometimes you just have to keep your goals simple and sometimes you just have to plough through projects that just need to get done!

Maggee said...

I think the English Band Sampler should be in the BAP category also! It is pretty big!! Hugs!