Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Miscellany

No photos today: the camera is recharging.


I have made some progress on The Dragon of the Winter Moon: the shading on the tail and back haunches is done and a start on the blade of the tail.  I hope to finish the tail and finish work on the mountain range done in Kreinik very fine braid today.

Because the end of the month is approaching and I want to make a serious attempt at meeting all the stated July goals, I finally kitted up The Silversmith Shop from the Town Square series.  I plan to get to stitching on it sometime toward the end of this week.


I have harvested two more cucumbers and am very impatiently tracking the growth of 7 eggplants, the largest of which is only 4" long and the smallest, less than 1".  Still nothing but blossoms on the tomato plants.  I begin to wonder if the neighbors trees are blocking the sun to the extent I will no longer be able to raise vegetables even in my raised [3 1/2'] planter boxes.  The soil gets warm enough but I am probably not getting enough full sun.  I may have to start planting the vegetables in the front yard planter box but then I will have to worry about pilferage.


Just three more days till summer break!  The count down begins.  End of the school year tasks are very nearly done.  Life is good.


Julie said...

Here's to a wonderful summer break for you with lots of relaxation enjoying things you love.

Maggee said...

YAY! Summer break, when you can get more done for yourself! I know about shady gardens... our peppers are not blooming YET! And the cukes are pretty slow to bloom, tho we have harvested two or three. It really is affected by our neighbors' trees! We have NO trees! Hugs!