Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Workable Wentzler Wednesday

The final verdict on this fabric choice isn't in yet and won't be till I finish the cross-stitching and back-stitching of Page 3 of the chart. Only then will I know if I made a really poor decision in using a mid-tone rather than a dark tone as recommended in the design specs. I do have some nice pieces of black linen and of a deep purple linen waiting in the wings if need be ... it's just that I dislike working on very dark linens. I know everyone recommends just throwing a white cloth over your lap when working with dark fabric ... but that doesn't work particularly well for those of us with a diagonal rather than horizontal lap.

But I am working on that problem ... this makes day five of my fresh start at exercising. I have been using the Sansalone 1 mile Walk Away the Abs tape every morning before going to work. I am determined to have a somewhat more accomodating lap by the time the grandkids visit in August. After all, how can we cuddle up for storytime if the kids keep sliding to the floor.

And, finally, I got around to getting my Photo Hunt "triangle" shot. I had hoped to get down to the marina and take a shot of all the sailboats with their triangular sails. But the weather has been so grim and overcast, alternating light showers with downpours, that that was not really an option. So, I took a quick shot of the view across the parking lot from my school building. The bell tower of our church is topped with a very elongated triangular steeple. The really odd thing about this bell tower is that for some reason known only to the local telephone company, it houses the main relay panel for the phones in my building. And since the bell tower is open to the elements, every time it rains heavily, my phones develop such heavy static that I might as well not answer them at all.


Rachel S said...

I like the fabric. What color is that?

Carissa said...

I think the Wentzer looks great as of now. I've also used the Leslie Sansone workouts and they really do work! I have MANY of her DVDs and a friend of mine was even in one of her more recent workout a few years ago after sending her story to her.

She's always so positive, (annoyingly so sometimes), but I feel so good after a workout. Good luck!

kimstitch3 said...

love the piece you are working on and love that blue fabbie

mdgtjulie said...

Pretty colors in your TW piece. I love the greens. Grats on trying to lose weight. I've pretty much just given up on it. It's hard for me to exercise as I have such bad knees. Hope it works for you!!!