Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wentzler Wednesday

Well, it's all about Tracery Dragons now. It really seems odd not to have the Autumn Faerie [finished 6/3, see that post] as my companion. She and I had been together so long. And my stitching bag is much lighter! Tracery Dragons requires only one bobbin case while the faerie required two to hold the complete fiber palette.

I am reasonably pleased with the progress on this piece this week. But I do have to admit some concern about a completion date. This little bit of stitching in the lower left corner took nearly five hours to complete. TW may have simplified her palette but everything else remains as elaborate as ever. If anything, there are far more quarter stitches than usual ... long strings of offset quarter stitches on the diagonal, requiring very careful counting and recounting. I am working from the bottom up which means starting on page three of the cross-stitching chart ... there's a second set of charts just for the back-stitching ... and have just passed the center point. At this rate, I'll be working on Tracery Dragons all year! There goes any hope of getting Liam's TW Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking done this year.

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Carissa said...

Looks beautiful Riona!