Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stash Enhancement

I've been blogging about other topics so steadily that I neglected to share photos of recent purchases.

Last week, I received Enchanting Lair's Tea Time and HAED's Tangle Fairy in the mail. I ordered them because they looked like interesting "little" pieces. Well, Tea Time meets that description. But the Tangle Fairy has over 25 pages of chart ... not exactly what I expected. That'll teach me to judge a project by a website photo! I guess I have just figured out what my 2012 BAP will be. I think the faerie is adorable but this is my first HAED chart and I am simply stunned by the sheer volume of page after page of chart. But, hey, if I can tackle a Teresa Wentzler, HAED ought not to be a problem.

And the week before that, I received some luscious hand-dyed chenille trim from the folks at R & R. Beautiful colors but, unfortunately, not all the colors met expectations raised by website photos and descriptions ... I am assuming either my monitor or their photograph or both were not quite true to the actual colors. The cinnamon is more of a coral, the kelp is more of a chartreuse and the fudge is more purple than brown. Not to worry, I will use them in other projects. But that leaves me looking for more chenille. Sharon at Crescent Colors recently blogged about starting up her own soon-to-be-released line of over-dyed chenille. I'll have to check it out as soon as it becomes available. R & R is also adding more colors to its line. So there are many options. Then, of course, I could always dye my own. Get a load of these neat little boxes in which I am storing my chenille ... they originally housed teapots now in use in my kitchen ... the boxes were an unexpected bonus.


demeter83 said...

Tea Time is gorgeous and so is Tangle Fairy.
Don't be scared by Tangle Fairy, HAED are completely over-facing when you get them, but they're such fun to stitch and look gorgeous when they're done. I'm only two pages into mine and it's already looking incredible

Rachel S said...

I think you can do it! Though Tangle Fairy does look like a challenge. Love the chenille!

stitch_days said...

That HAED is so pretty - I have never done such a big project so I am looking forward to following your progress.
I saw some dyed chenille on this blog - you might want to check it out:

Rita E in AZ

Deborah said...

I love the chenille! I have used it in two different projects and it's wonderful.

mdgtjulie said...

The chenilles are pretty at least! I love that shade of purple, and I can't believe they call it fudge. Grats on the new stash. HAEDs are vast but much more simple than TW. No fractionals, no blended threads, no backstitching... If you can handle TW, you can definitely handle HAED!!! Can't wait to see your new starts!