Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: June 19, 2011

I have pretty much stalled in my stitching this past week, not accomplishing nearly as much as I normally do. I ashamed to admit that the reason for this is that our TV decided to give up the ghost. I never realized how much stitching I do while watching DVDs in the evening ... or how much DVD watching I do, for that matter. I have spent much more time reading this past week ... not a bad thing to be sure ... but not an activity particularly compatible with stitching. I won't have any time to shop for a new TV until next weekend ... I rather hope I can iron out the difference in expectations between my husband and I in that week ... I want to go with something smaller that we can set on a cart and roll into a closet when not in use [to make a bit more room in our rather small living room already over-powered by some too large furniture] ... he wants a flat screen "a little bit larger" than the conventional TV we have now. This is the man who always thinks BIG so I am a bit nervous about his definition of "a little bit larger." I'd even be willing to compromise on a permanently placed TV always provided it and its stand are no wider than the bit of wallspace between the dining room and hallway and the whole assembly doesn't extend too deeply nto the living room.

BAP: I worked on Tracery Dragons only on Wentzler Wednesday so have no further photos to show.

CJC: I finished the Town Square Church but have yet to assemble the Post Office and the Church as ornaments. I'll wait till both are made up to show photos.

HOE: I got started on my Lizzie Kate Christmas ornament for the next round of exchanges, choosing a complimentary chart that called for GAST floss, all of which I had in my stash, happily enough. Of course, the etiquette of exchanging requires that I not display any photos.

Sewing/Assembly Finishes: I got started on a knitting project bag designed around a chart from the 2010 JCS Halloween issue and some more of the upholstery fabric I have on hand. Most of the front is finished but I am having some problems with the tension on my machine causing the thread to keep breaking. So that project has stalled as well.

Not one of my better weeks.


Hillery said...

Maybe it's time to get a few audiobooks. I heard about, but I looked into it and it seemed a bit too expensive. Don't I wish we could stitch/crochet, read books, listen to music, watch tv and take care of the kids all at the same time. That would be just perfect. Have a great day.

mdgtjulie said...

Aww, I'm sorry you had a bad week. Hopefully this next week will be better! Good luck ironing out the TV differences!!