Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: June 26, 2011

This is being posted on Monday since I was just too busy Sunday to get around to it.

BAP: I didn't do any stitching on this piece this week.

CJC: I finished stitching the Schoolhouse this week and have started the "finish" finishing on all three Town Square SAL pieces that I stitched this month [as ornaments for my Small Town America theme Christmas Tree] and I am almost finished with the stitching on Jane Greenoff's Blackwork Owl though I have yet to assemble it as a Halloween ornament. Photos will have to wait till the final finish.

HOE: I selected and stitched a Lizzie Kate ornament for the next round of the Christmas ornament exchange ... still have to assemble it. I haven't decided whether I'll finish it as a flat ornament, a pillow ornament or something a bit more sculptured. And then, I started a second Lizzie Kate ornament. Since both ornaments were complimentary charts, I have dressed them up a wee bit: adding a bit of back-stitched definition to the first to make the design pop a bit against the neutral fabric and stitching the second entirely in Mill House Petite antique seed beads. I haven't decided yet which I will use for the exchange. I'll be seeing some stitching friends in a few days, I'll ask their opinions.

2010 WIP: nothing this week ... I was too involved with my Town Square projects and my reading.

Sewing/Assembly Finishes: I haven't finished sewing te second tote using my stash of decorator upholstery fabric ... sewing machine issues. I broke a needle on the last one and I believe a piece is still stuck in the innards of the bobbin assembly. When I have a moment, I'll have to disembowel the machine and clean it up a bit. This tote is intended as a project bag for one of my younger sisters who knits. I'll arrange with my niece, who does the selecting, to be that sister's Secret Santa in the family Christmas gift exchange. Add a couple of skeins of quality wool and the right size knitting needles and I'll have a primo Christmas gift.

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