Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: June 5, 2011

BAP: Finished the Autumn Faerie on Friday ... Happy dancing all the day long. Photo may be seen on the 6/3 post. Did a bit of work on the new TW BAP, Tracery Dragons, but did not make enough progress to be photo worthy.

CJC: Worked on Jane Greenoff's Blackwork Owl and Knotted Tree Designs Town Square Post Office.

I choose to work on these two projects for the remainder of the week because I needed small and simple after finishing work on the Autumn Faerie. The ironic thing is that I did more frogging on the little Town Square Post Office in one day than I did on the Autumn Faerie in two years. First, I miscounted the stitches in the center roofline as 26 instead of 25 and didn't catch on till I got to the foundation and saw that the symmetry was off by one stitch. Then a quick glance at the chart caused me to confuse the symbol for the interior of the upper windows with a similar one.

I am also going to start including some Photo Hunt pictures in my weekly wrap up posts, as I want to develop my "eye". Please don't expect any serious art. I have a digital point and shoot camera that I have taken to carrying about with me in my purse. I just want to get better at framing a shot, using available light and choosing my subjects ... and I thought this would be a good way to practice the necessary skills. For my first photo, I am going to ease into the process with an easy theme. The May 21st topic was Clutter. This is my desk and credenza. The theme for June 11 is Triangle. I have a few ideas for this theme. It remains to be seen whether I can translate my ideas into photographs.

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