Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reviewing August Goals, Setting September Goals

I scaled down my usual expectations considerably this month because I expected to be quite busy preparing for the school year. Instead, I ended up convalescing from surgery ... so perhaps it was just as well that I didn't set myself up for failure with a lot of unreachable goals.

Linda's RR: Twig's Angel themed piece. Originally I had planned to stitch a Prairie Schooler angel with blackwork wings but it didn't fit in at all, at all with the other pieces stitched. Instead, I stitched a Jim Shore look alike angel from the Kreinik site that was much more consistent with the styles and color ways of the other contributions. Mailed on the 21st, a few days late, as seems to be my usual practice. This makes my 27th stitching finish for the year. I have also made substantial progress on the next stage of the round robin: Debra's angel.
Christmas Ornament Exchange: Ink Circle's Christmas Lace from Dec 07 Gift of Stitching. DONE and mailed on the 30th as per rules.


BAP: Still TW's Autumn Faerie. Finish Section 1 and start on Section 2. Got most of section 1 done but not quite finished.

Surface Embroidery: Play a little catch up on the Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square. Didn't get to this one.


September shall be Catch-Up Month

Linda's RR: Start, finish and mail Debra's angel piece by 9/15.
Town Square SAL: Begin work on Val's Stuff's Train Depot.
Bride's Tree SAL: Finish May-September ornaments.

Thanksgiving Ornaments: Finish stitching and assemble PS Turkey Time and Pumpkins, Assemble Krienik Cornucopia, Stitch and assemble two CEC ornaments using motifs from Thanksgiving Circle.

BAP: Finish Section 2 and start Section 3 of TW's Autumn Faerie
Medium Project: Resume work on The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler.
SURFACE EMBROIDERY: Continue work on Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square, mastering the boullion stitch.
SEWING PROJECTS:Finish-finish ornaments to date.

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Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I admire your tenacity. I don't write down goals because I never seem to keep them. I love following your stitching progress and seeing the photo's. Keep up the great stitching and I hope you are fully recovered from your surgery.......Nancy