Friday, August 20, 2010

Ink Circles' Christmas Lace ornament

The rules of the exchange in which I am participating stipulate "no religious images". I don't care for the secular snowmen, bells, penguins, and ice skaters that leaves ... nor did I wish to stitch one of my favorite but elaborate Heartstring or PS Santas so soon after finishing Twig's detailed folk art angel ... so, I chose an abstract Ink Circles' chart from the December 2007 issue of Gift of Stitching.

This ornament is stitching up rather quickly and looks well in spite of one small miscount which then had to be mirrored in the other three quadrants to keep the symmetry perfect ... thank God I noticed it in time to avoid a mess and that it was a small enough error not to interfere with the overall "laciness" of Christmas Lace.

The original DMC colorway was dark charcoal grey, mauve and antique gold which struck me as pretty but decidedly un-Christmas-like. I substituted Caron Waterlilies Pine Forest for the charcoal grey, Belle Soie Cranberry for the mauve and Caron Waterlilies Tobacco for the antique gold.

I have selected a number of additional goodies to put in my package and will get it off in the mail on Saturday. Pictures will be posted once I know my partner has received the exchange.

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