Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Progress Report # 34

What little stitching time I have had has been devoted entirely to Debra's Round Robin installment, Winter Angel. I found as I started working on the paler yellows in the moon it became difficult to keep track of my counting. The pale yellow quarter stitches just sort of fade into the white aida. I found that if I wanted to stay accurate, I needed to backstitch the outer edge of the crescent moon as I stitched.
I am getting a little bored with using just good old reliable DMC and am seriously considering contacting the owner of this round robin for permission to use opal blending filament in the wings and a blend of DMC rayon and cotton floss in the lining of the drapery. What with the moon to finish as well as the wings, drapery lining, head, hands and feet to stitch and then all the backstitching to do ... well, I am not quite at the halfway point yet ... but I am still hopeful that I'll finish and mail this piece on time or, dare I hope, early!


natalyK said...

Beautiful progress. I am looking forward to the finish.

Carol said...

It is looking great, Riona! I would imagine the owner of the RR might welcome a little blending filament...think that would be a perfect addition!