Monday, August 2, 2010

Round Robins and Exchanges

The next installment in Linda Stouch's Round Robin was supposed to arrive while I was on vacation. But it wasn't among the letters and catalogs in the hefty batch of mail when service resumed. I'll have to go to the local post office and see if it was held for any reason or worse yet, returned to sender. But there wasn't any postal notice about a package in all the stuff I went through. I do believe I am under a cloud so far as this round robin goes: all the problems seem to land at my doorstep ... or more accurately, NOT land at my doorstep!
There has been quite a variety of themes and styles involved in this round robin, giving it more than the usual interest. I am undecided as to whether I prefer round robins where all the stitchers are known to each other and have similar tastes and skill levels or one like this where we are all strangers and have wildly varying interests. Each type has its advantages just as each has its down sides. I am enjoying this one and am grateful to Linda for starting it. So far I have stitched a snowman, a mini-quilt that I designed myself, and a Prairie Schooler squirrel ... a nice mix.

Linda also organized a Christmas ornament exchange. I haven't decided if I want to stitch something elegantly simple like Sue Hillis' Spool Tree or something a little more ornate that I could edge with beading. Though I love the Spool Tree and have stitched it many times, I think I'll look for something a little more Victorian and, dare I say it, girly. I am in the mood to play with beads and it will be weeks [or even months] before the Autumn Faerie is at the beading stage.

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Vonna said...

Oh crap! A RR not in a batch of mail...I know the feeling and sadly it was my own RR :) Lost in the wilds of the US Postal (or Canadian) Postal system and not a place to be found :( for the past 3 years.....

Oh, now you've got me thinking about that Spool Tree and my thinking I should stitch it for me...soon! (thanks for your comment on my blog - made me smile this morning!)