Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Today's stitching time was devoted to assembling the Christmas Lace [Ink Circles] ornament to get it in the mail by deadline. I backed it with some tea-dyed broadcloth shirting salavaged from an old custom-made shirt of my husband's. It just offended my frugal sensitivities to turn such expensive cloth into dust rags. I am also seriously thinking of actually stitching a few ornaments on this fabric ... I haven't bothered to work out the thread count but it's got to be way up there. It would be a great way to scale down some larger charts to ornament size. I wanted to use a beaded edge finish on this ornament: two Mill Hill gold metallic glass seed beads [00557] framing an off-white antique glass bead [03017]. I really have been longing to play with beads lately, and enjoyed stitching the beaded trim for this little lovely. And,finally, here is a photo of all the goodies I have included in my exchange package: a funky felt sculpture Christmas card for my exchange partner to send to some special someone, two different kinds of bookmarks to be stitched as stocking stuffers, some Christmas-y DMC perle cotton in red and green and a spool of metallic gold cording to trim a package or an ornament. I believe it is safe to post a photo since I doubt my partner even knows I have a blog ... this being one of those very random and wide flung exchanges.

For the rest of the week, I hope to alternate between the Autumn Faerie and the Winter Angel ... at least, spending some time on my own project will go a long way toward mitigating the triple R syndrome [resenting the round robin] which has been troubling me lately.

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Blu said...

Christmas Lace is gorgeous! Love the colours.