Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One done, one more to go

Well, Twig's angel is done and there is only one more rotation left in this round robin. The last piece I will stitch on belongs to Linda, the organizer of this round robin. Though I have enjoyed many aspects of the round robin, I have to say the very best part of it was starting up an e-mail acquaintance with Linda. She is clearly a woman of humor, verve and wide ranging interests and I hope we will keep in touch long after the round robin is done ... after all, I'll want to know when the baby is born and all the pertinent details. She has chosen a theme of baby animals, or was it cartoon animals? I'll wait to choose a chart after I see what everyone else has stitched ... though I do have a lovely little mother and baby owl chart that might suit.

While waiting for Linda's piece to arrive in the mail, I'll work on my ornament for the Christmas exchange ... also organized by Linda ... I have chosen Ink Circle's Christmas Lace ornament from the Dec 2007 issue of Gift of Stitching. I have changed out the colors which I didn't consider all that Christmas like and am using Caron Waterlilies PineForest and Tobacco as well as Belle Soie Cranberry. I am stitching this on some 28ct Cashel linen in Country French Latte from my scrap bag. I have also pulled some Mill Hill irridescent green glass and metallic gold beads from my stash with which to edge the ornament once it is assembled. I am starting on this tonight and hope to have it done by the weekend. Once the ornament is stitched and assembled, I'll resume work on TW's Autumn Faerie. I hope to finish section 1 and get a good start on section 2 before Labor Day weekend. Section 2 is the same size as Section 1, though not nearly as densely filled with stitching. Sections 3 and 4 are each half the size of 1 and 2. I have been back stitching as I go along. So, given my progress to date, there is actually a reasonable hope of completing the stitching by the end of September and then the beading in early October. We shall see!

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Rachel S said...

She looks beautiful!