Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Third Blogaversary

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to write and that I love to stitch. So blogging about stitching is right up my alley. I find it amazing and somewhat humbling that I now have 71 followers, some of whom comment regularly. Since I don't have any stitching buddies nearby, no LNS at which to attend GTGs and can only go away on one carefully selected stitching retreat a year ... the blog I write and the blogs I read have become my stitching community. I have decided as a way of celebrating this year, I'll be giving away a small stitched piece. The piece I have chosen is this biscornu, stitched in various shades of melon and peach on white linen and secured with some antique celluloid buttons circa 1930 [from Farm Fabrics, a great surce for interesting buttons.]

Though the actual blogaversary is the 27th, I'll follow my usual practice of doing the drawing on the 10th of the month.

It'll be a little different from my usual monthly giveaways inasmuch as there will be no PIF requirement [obviously] and that I'll be asking you to comment about why you read my blog, what you like/dislike about it? The thing that will remain the same is that this giveaway will be open to international, American and Canadian stitchers.

Good luck to all who enter and, of course, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog because it is helping me learn to do my own blog so far there is nothiing I don't like about your blog. I love your biscorn I have not been brave enough to try one but this weekend I am going to try and make a biscorn and a humgbug there are so pretty. I have already one a pif so don't enter me in this one thanks Donna

Patty C. said...

I enjoy your blog because of the creativity and generosity displayed here - I like the idea of the PIF and your stitching is fabulous :)

Mistylynn said...

I really enjoy coming here to read your Blog. Like you I do not have fellow stitchers around so it is nice to keep up with people through reading. I would love to have a chance at your contest and I have to say your work is gorgeous.


Jennifer said...

First of all, I love reading your blog because I like to connect with other stitchers in the US and around the world. Your blog gives me ideas and inspiration that I don't always get from my local stitching buddies. I also love the PIF idea and I have done a few myself because of wonderful blogs like yours.

Keep up the great work!

Teresa said...

Riona, that's absolutely beautiful! I would love to have this so I don't have to make one for myself! Thanks for the opportunity!

Tina S said...

Oh, I know just what you mean about no LNS or "stitching buddies" to chat with. These blogs are my support system as well. Thanks for being there!

Kim R. said...

I enjoy reading your blog and following your stitching :)
I'd love a chance to enter for your beautiful biscornu!
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Gels said...

I'm new to blogging and have enjoyed looking at yours for inspiration. I've gotten some nice ideas here and will be back to visit.

Vicky said...

I enjoy reading your blog because it inspires me to stitch more and the generosity that you display with your contests etc are wonderful.
After reading this post, I realise that I am like you as I don't have any stitching friends and don't have a LNS close, plus I wouldn't be able to afford to attend a stitching retreat LOL. I have started RAKing more because of you.

Mary said...

Riona - Happy Anniversary! I love to read your blog because I met you in person at a Stitcher's Hideaway retreat (Sweetheart Tree). You always show such generosity and I appreciate your well-written and thoughtful posts.
I have always been intimidated by the concept of biscornu construction - would love to win your gift.

Mary in MN

Blu said...

I enjoy seeing what other people are working on. Sometimes I get inspired to start those projects myself, and sometimes I just admire them.
I'd love the chance to add this biscornu to my collection.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I love your blog because you stitch such different stuff from "everyone else". I often find a lot of the same designs going around but rarely here! Also I love to visit back the people who visit me.

I notice you're kinda in the NYC area... I'm hoping at some point to get the use of an apt. in NYC for a few days sometime in the next year (someone owes me a favour!) I'll let you know if I'm in the area!

If you were closer... I'd stitch with you!

Happy Blogiversary!!!!