Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Assessing Nov Goals, Setting Dec Goals

November has been a very good month with far more goals achieved than not.

November Goals
Finish Brightneedle's Esmeralda's House: Finally finished on 11/17.
Finish TW's Autumn Faerie: NO, see 11/29 post for explanation.
Start TW's Woodland Angel Stocking: NO, since I won't be able to start this till the Autumn Faerie is done ... too much overlap in the flosses needed to kit one up without finishing the other.
Stitch at least one Christmas or Halloween ornament: Well over my goal, with five. Pinecone ornament for Rachel, from Gift of Stitching online magazine, finished 11/8. Prairie Schooler Old Fashioned Christmas Tree ornament, finished 11/8. Elizabeth Needlework Designs Have a Jolly Halloween ornament on 11/10. And on 11/13, finished Cherry Wood Studio's Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet as well as The Stitcherhoods' Give Thanks [twice, since I am finishing it as a fringed pillow ornament and stitched a back that was a negative image of the front].
Resume work on The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler: even if it was only one row, it still counts as resuming work ... that's my story and I am sticking to it.
Make Sara's wedding veil: Yes, though at the 11th hour [or more precisely the day before the wedding ... I am not sure she will wear it ... waiting for me to get done may have made her nervouse enough to come up with an alternative plan. ]
Spend at least 5 hours on sewing finishes: Well over my five hours. On 11/1: The Prairie Schooler Partridge in a Pear Tree [JCS 2005] and the Stitcher's Hideaway Spooky Retreat souvenir ornament. On 11/10, finished a fringed pillow ornament, Pinecone [GOS 2007]. On 11/13, finished the Monster bubbles Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun as a mini wall hanging, the PS Christmas Tree and END Have a Jolly Halloween as padded flat ornaments and stitched 3 scraps of 32ct linen together for a flea market style project, the subject of which is yet to be determined. On 11/14, finished Give Thanks from the Stitcherhood as a fringed pillow ornament. On 11/16, finished the Trick or Treat piece as a Halloween ornament and the witch's hat motif from this chart as a change purse. On 11/29, the Autumn Leaves bookmark and the Sailor's Jig Book Tote. I aslo did some assembly line stitching preparing the fronts of three more totes using cross stitched pieces: a red squirrel, In the Garden [designed by Erynne of Be-Stitched], and a teddy bear that I stitched when my now 32 year old daughter was only 8 or 9, intending to make it up as a stuffed stand-up.
Not on the original list, but: the Colon Cancer block for Donna Karl's Charity Auction Quilt, finished 11/22 and the Handblessing Autumn Leaves bookmark, finished 11/24. Then there's the unplanned start: Primitive Needle's Halloween Revelry from the Sept. 2009 issue of JCS.

December Goals: I am going to keep this short and sweet

Finish TWs Autumn Faerie
Focus on The Sweetheart Tree's Hearts and Holly Sampler
Start on TW's Woodland Angel Stocking
Focus on Brightneedle's Ghosts and Ghoulies Etui
Focus on Primitive Needle's Hallowe'en Revelry
Stitch one more Christmas ornament
Spend at least five hours on sewing finishes


stitchinfiend said...

You did pretty good on your goals. I have yet to set mine for December.

Erynne said...

You said "Resume work on The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler: even if it was only one row, it still counts as resuming work ... that's my story and I am sticking to it"

ROFLOL!! You are so funny, Riona!

And I agree to the utmost!