Monday, December 28, 2009

December Goals Assessment

The Goals

Finish TW's Autumn Faerie: Not quite, but making substantial progress ... enough to make me quite happy.
Focus on Brightneedle's Ghosts and Ghoulies Etui: NO!! Pressures of work and Christmas business kept me from accomplishing all I had planned.
Focus on The Primitive Needle's Halloween Revelry: YES, completed 12/9.
Focus on The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler: NO!!! Afraid this will become a 2010 goal ... probably part of my usual practice of stitching Christmas projects in January.
Start TW's Woodland Angel Stocking: NO!!!! Afraid this will become another 2010 goal ... one of my two planned BAPs!!
Stitch at least one Christmas ornament: YES!! Finished PS's Peace Angel on 12/10. Finished Caron Byzantine Ornament on 12/17. Finished Sisters and Best Friends' The First Day of Christmas on 12/24.
Spend at least 5 hours on sewing finishes: YES: 12/10 - 1 hour on PS's Peace Angel ornament; 12/13 - 1 hour blanket-stitching the front and back of the floss tag [Dec. giveaway] together; 12/17 - 1 hour assembling the Caron Byzantine ornament. Spent 1/2 hr sewing, stuffing and fringing S&BF's First Day of Christmas ornament. And another 2 hours starting the assembly-line style sewing finishes of three totes and four pillows.

MMMMM!! Three NOs and one NOT QUITE! And here I thought I had finally mastered the skill of setting reasonable goals.

I think January should be goal free ... I plan on picking up any project that suits my fancy. Usually, my fancy in January involves clinging to the Christmas spirit by stitching Christmas projects for the whole month ... which will give me a nice jump on Christmas 2010. I have a Sue Hillis Santa, two Heartstring Santas and one PS Santa just waiting to be kitted up. I could also seek out a few more heart ornaments for my Valentine's Day display on the ornament tree I keep in my entryway. I only have four and could use at least four more to give a little fullness to the tree.


Rachel S said...

It is Guilt-free January!

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I'm getting tired just reading your list LOL! Good luck with it and a Happy New Year to you! Nancy

stitchinfiend said...

Hey making goals is great but so is not making goals. Guilt free Jan sounds wonderful. I haven't set my Jan goals as yet. I met all goals except 1 for Dec and that was because I chanaged my mind......LOL