Monday, November 30, 2009

December Tasks

As we count down the days to Christmas, I am making a list of the stitching related things I need to do in order to be ready:

1. Get that Prairie Schooler Santa to the framers where I will throw myself on their mercy pleading for a delivery date of Dec. 20.

2. Get the appropriate bell pull hardware for Sara's Balancing Act and First Class Teacher bellpulls and affix a white tassle to each.
3. Finish stitching Sean's and Christina's Name Tree Ornaments.

4. Convert several stitched pieces into fully
lined tote bags, to be used as Christmas gifts. I got a start on this project over the weekend as you can see in the photos below. There are several totes in various stages toward completion. The teddy bear will be used as a goodie bag filled with stuff to keep my two year old grandson happy on the flight from West Coast to East ... I am sure Christina [daughter-in-law] will have her hands full with baby Piper, so the least I can do is give my son some goodies for keeping Liam occupied. The squirrel tote will be used as a gift bag for Christina at Christmas time ... it suits her since she is a naturalist and an environmental educator at a wildlife refuge. The Garden Tote [this did not photograph well ... maybe I'll have better luck with the finished piece] will also be used as a gift bag at Christmas. I also have some samplers with a stitching theme that I plan to make into a tote for my mother.

5. Put away all the stitching stuff in the storage room so it can be cleaned up and used as a presentable guest room.

6. Stitch enough on projects I enjoy to keep my sanity in the month ahead.


stitchinfiend said...

Love your tote bags and the materials are just gorgeous. I am sure they will be enjoyed by all.

Angela said...

OK, revise your wish list. Take numbers 1 & 2 down. You have to wait until Christmas to get them, though. =P