Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WIP Report

Normally I post a WIP report at the end of the weekend, but this past weekend was devoted almost completely to work. I probably spent no more than two hours stitching during the entire weekend. Things haven't been any easier the last few days with little or no stitching time at home so only my travel piece seems to be getting much attention. This is a busy season in a Parish Religious Education Program, with lots of extra activities. Advent Prayer Services, Christmas Carols Workshops, distribution of wreaths [one of our all too many fundraisers], an after-Mass reception to bid farewell to my former secretary, the annual Catechist Christmas Party, Advent Confessions ... all of these things are added to the usual program schedule [which in itself is quite full enough]. But at least I have made some small progress on my ornament.

The Byzantine Ornament [needlepoint complimentary chart from Caron] stitched on 18ct mono canvas with Caron Watercolours Jewels and Kreinik Very Fine Braid 002HL. This is the completed front of the ornament: I think the Kreinik makes the Caron colors pop. The second photo is the back of the ornament, nearly completed. When done, I'll blanket stitch the pieces together with a bit of fleece batting in between. Add a metallic gold narrow ribbon loop at the top, and I'll have one more ornament for my entryway tree. It's been great fun to work on a needlepoint project again. Needlepoint was my entry into textile arts over 35 years ago. And, while it hasn't been my main focus in over 20 years, I have done a needlepoint project every so often over the years ... though less and less frequently lately. I have three more needlepoint projects in my stash ... two Halloween pieces and one Owl, done sampler style with lots of specialty stitches ... and I can see myself working them into my rotations fairly soon. There are also a few more complimentary needlepoint charts on the Caron site that I'd like to stitch. Since I have more than enough canvas both in 18ct and 10ct mono, I expect a needlepoint project will be added to my stitching pleasure every other month or so. It'll just be a matter of getting the right fibers for the projects. I don't have much of a stash of needlepoint yarns, just a few Caron Watercolours, some odds and ends of various Rainbow Gallery fibers, some ThreadGatherer wool and wool blends and a very basic stash of Paternayan yarns [kind of like the 18 ct Crayola crayon box in color range].

TW's Autumn Faerie: Since I haven't had much quality stitching time at home and since this piece is on my stitching stand, progress has been non-existent. But that's okay, starting Dec. 23, I'll have ten days off and lots of stitching time since I'll be home bound most of the holiday. I am lending my car to my oldest son who is flying home with his wife and two children for the holidays. His in-laws have provided him with a car service to and from the airport so I figure lending him the car during their stay is the least I can do and a very light price to pay for the joy of spoiling my two grandchildren.

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