Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Goals Assessment

I decided to go office mode and color code my goals assessment. The goals are stated in plain black and white, the failures to meet said goals in red and the successes in two shades of green: light green for qualified successes and dark green for major achievements. Seven goals in various shades of green and only three in red: not all that bad.

  • Goal #1: Limit purchases of new charts to five. This was probably a lost cause from the get-go. In any case, I purchased 12 charts.
  • Goal #2: Blog at least every other day. Not quite, though at 139 posts this year it averages out to a little over one post every two and two/third days.
  • Goal #3: Complete two BAPs: TW's Autumn Faerie and Woodland Angel Stocking. This was not one of my bigger successes but I think it still qualifies as a pale green since I have made substantial progress on the Autumn Faerie even if I never did start the stocking for Liam.
  • Goal #4: Maintain reasonable monthly goals. Well, my goal lists are getting shorter and there are more achieved at the end of each month than not. I therefore conclude that I am getting closer to understanding the meaning of "reasonable".
  • Goal #5: Keep up with sewing finishes and work on the backlog of finishes [at least two a month]. Now here is where I really succeeded, with a whopping 55 sewing finishes this year. While I haven't emptied the finishing basket quite yet, I am getting to the point that I actually believe I will.
  • Goal #6: Complete one medium project each month, concentrating on Dragon Dreams, Sue Hillis and Prairie Schooler charts already in my stash. A qualified yes. I did complete thirteen projects, though not necessarily by the designers listed in my goal: one Sue Hillis, seven Workbasket, one Not Forgotten Farms, one Brightneedle, one Prairie Schooler, one Primitive Needle and one Homespun Elegance. No Dragon Dreams. It seems I concentrated on the Workbasket Quaker Animals for my quilt.
  • Goal #7: Stitch one Christmas ornament monthly. Absolutely. I have stitched fourteen Christmas ornaments, as well as ten Halloween ornaments, one Thanksgiving ornament and one Fourth of July ornament.
  • Goal #8: Inventory and prioritize all UFOs and try to stitch on UFOs at least five hours a month. Not this year. This goal will have to carry over into 2010. Perhaps when I have found the bottom of the finishing basket, I will rename it the UFO basket.
  • Goal #9: Do more work on my own designs, particularly the Ghandi quote sampler. Another qualified "Yes" ... while I didn't do any further work on the Ghandi quote, I did design the Fertile Circles needlebook and the Beach Find Pansies piece.
  • Goal #10: Convert the junk room to a stitching room. Life got in the way.


stitchinfiend said...

You did pretty well. I like they way you set out your goals.

Whats for 2010.

Nic said...

I think you did pretty well with your goals - don't be so hard on yourself!

What are your plans for 2010? I'm concentrating on finishing and UFOs...