Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Progress Report

I didn't make as much progress on my goals as I wanted this weekend: pressures of work. I had planned to work on finishing three more pieces into tote bags but I am afraid that didn't happen. It was easier to pick up my cross-stitching for a few minutes here and there than to settle in at the sewing center, formerly known as the dining room, for long blocks of time.

I had to deal with a minor disappointment: for the first time in four years, there was an error in my order from 123stitch. Joann failed to include a skein of DMC #5 Perle 815. Since it wasn't even listed among the back-ordered items, I have to assume it somehow fell off her radar ... not all that surprising, since it fell off my radar when placing the order ... I had to make a second call minutes after the first to add it to the order. I'll be calling her this morning to ask her to mail it ASAP ... I do need it to finish the floss tag for my monthly giveaway. Even so, I still consider 123stitch one of the most reliable online sources for stitching supplies.

I found this Prairie Schooler card at the bottom of one of my stitching bags and the stars aligned to make this a perfect travel project. I had a small piece of a Silkweaver overdyed blue fabric [Starquest] in just the right size, a card of Rainbow Gallery Elegance black [a silk perle that I have been dying to try for blackwork], a spool of Kreinik #4 braid 002HL as called for and just the right Belle Soie silks for the rest: Ocean Tide to replace the DMC930 and Old Crow to replace the DMC 310. I love it when a spur of the moment project comes together like that. Well, I tried the Elegance out for the blackwork and it was just too thick a fiber for this 32ct fabric, getting fuzzy as it was pulled through the holes, instead of staying well-defined and crisp as it does on 28ct. A lesson learned and time well-spent even if I had to frog my test patch. By the way, a scrupulously clean eyebrow brush is an excellent tool for removing fuzzy fibers from a frogged area of linen. Next, I will try double strands of the Old Crow and if that doesn't work I will pare it down to a single strand.

I have also gotten quite a bit more done on The Primitive Needle piece since my 123stitch order did include the Old Crow I had been working around. The bottom band is done with all the black lettering and stars completed and I have moved onto the witch in the main panel. It's great to have reached this point since I will no longer have to flip between three pages and four overlapping charts ... Halloween Revelry is one of those dreaded magazine charts [JCS September 2009] that are printed in pieces in order to fit magazine lay-out. There are two more charts in that issue that I plan on stitching: the two blackwork ornaments.


Rachel S said...

That stinks that she made an error.

The angel is very pretty! Love the fabric.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That angel is going to be so pretty! The weekend stole my finishing time as well!

stitchinfiend said...

Love the angel and is looks beautiful on that fabric. Hope you get Perle 815 soon. I use 123 all the time and will agree they are really reliable.